The Different Tint Options To Consider For Car Window Tinting Fort Mill SC

Applying car window tinting Fort Mill SC is something that without doubt has a lot of benefits.

Applying car window tinting Fort Mill SC is something that without doubt has a lot of benefits. Tinted windows not only enhance the privacy and aesthetic appeal of a vehicle, but they also promote better driving, provide shattered glass protection in case of an accident, lead to fade reduction and so on. It is an improvement to your vehicle that will be definitely worth it if it is done properly. 

Car Window Tinting Fort Mill SC

When you decided to invest in car window tinting Fort Mill SC, it is important to understand your tint options, the lingo, as well as the laws specific to your location. While there are several types of window tints on the market today, there are two that stand out and will definitely give you the best value for money especially when it comes to protection. They are carbon color stable window tint and ceramic IR window tint.

The protective qualities offered by premium car window film starts at the carbon window tint level. Nano carbon technology is infused into this tint, which helps provide added strength and shatter resistance. This window tint also blocks up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays including UVA and UVB. Not only does this help reduce damage to interior components such as seats, plastics and dashboards, but it also reduces potential of skin cancer. If carbon color stable window tints are installed correctly, they can provide more than 10 years of protection.

The upper tier of window film Fort Mill SC for cars is a ceramic window tint. This is basically the best of all worlds as it can block nearly all of the UVA and UVB rays and can reduce more than 90% of infrared transmission. There are some new ceramic infrared tints that elevate that protection to up to 96%. This window is created by infusing nanoceramic particles within multiple layers of the window film. Not only does this provide a stronger and more durable adhesion, but it also reflects sun rays instead of absorbing them.

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